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Defining a new world for shopping locally


Trove is a tech start-up that aims to effortlessly connect customers with their local grocery suppliers, through an app.


As a start-up quite early on in their journey, their main aim was to design and build an MVP to help them secure funding but weren't quite sure where to start.



Project length

2 months


Mobile + Tablet

Agency | Pack

My Role: Design Sprint Facilitation,

UX/ UI Design & Research


The Purpose

Keen to get started on their product journey, Trove came along with lots of great ideas and a clear vision for what it was they wanted to achieve; a new digital app which would revolutionise the way people shopped locally.


The Challenges

The project involved three different service areas: customer, delivery and supplier and each required their own unique system.


With lots of challenges specific to each area, the first job was to start defining what were the most important issues to focus our attention on and then put in place a plan of action to tackle the rest.



The Trove team had already made some good headway with both desk and primary research, so my first job was to review that research and fill in any gaps. 


Armed with plenty of insights, the team were then lead through a Problem Framing workshop to help them define the key challenges and how to prioritise them as well as firming up a solid problem statement we could use to take on to the next stage.



With a clear challenge to focus on, we guided the team through an intensive but exciting Design Sprint week, where we were able to progress from idea to solution in a matter of days.


The team worked really hard to produce a great set of solutions which came to life in the form of giant sketches which we used to map out a storyboard and define a clear pathway for a prototype. 


When the prototype was ready, it was tested with 5 real users who put our solutions to the test and validated any assumptions we had made.



Using the feedback gathered from the prototype stage, we then moved on to an Iteration Sprint week. This is where we really started to take a deeper dive into how a supplier would set up their profile, add stock and receive and process orders.


We did this by mapping out the full user journey from start to finish in the form of a flow map and IA doc. We then used this to form the basis for the rest of the wireframes needed and started to formulate what the visual language would look like.


Guiding the team through a number of visual R&D moodboards, we firmed up a solid direction to head in and went about creating a component library.



By the end of the project, Trove had a fully designed and mapped out user journey for the supplier side of the business, complete with a component library to hand over to their development team. They also had an initial idea on what the consumer side of the process could look like alongside a roadmap to help them on their journey.


The team were really engaging and knowledgable with a direct focus on identifying what our key challenges were and how to best tackle them. We left with a great prototype and more importantly the validation we needed to push us forward.

Felicity Beasley - Trove Founder

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