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Immersive Interactive

Helping to make immersive experiences accessible for all


Immersive Interactive is the leading provider of fully interactive, multisensory learning spaces for the education and emergency services.

Utilising bespoke content, their rooms create unique educational and training experiences that are both effective and memorable.


To put it simply: it’s about learning with fun.


Immersive Interactive

Project length

6 months



Agency | Wolfcub Digital

My Role: Design Sprint Facilitation, UX/UI Design & Research


The Purpose

Being one of the first companies to truly pioneer what an immersive and interactive experience looked like, Immersive sought to further develop their offering by improving their brand presence alongside refining an editing platform they had created for their clients that allowed them to easily design and build their own interactive sessions, without the aid of outside help.


The Challenges

The new platform was aimed at two very different sectors: education and emergency services. In order for it to be a success, it would be important to understand both audiences in-depth and create something that would appeal to both sectors, without alienating one another.


The Immersive team also had big ambitions for their budget which meant we needed to be resourceful and imaginative as possible.



To kick things off, Immersive took part in a product strategy workshop to gain a better understanding of all of their requirements, business objectives, their product vision, competitors, target audience and USP.


We then moved on to desk research, conducting a UX audit of their existing platform and a comparative analysis, followed up with some primary research which involved interviewing a selection of their existing clients across both sectors and talking to new prospective ones. We also went along to one of their exhibitions to gain a deeper understanding of their offering and observe how people interacted with their products. It also gave us the opportunity to review and talk to some of their competitors to better understand the market.


All of this uncovered some great insights and us to have a clearer picture of their challenges. 



With all of the research and newly discovered insights, Immersive then took part in a Design Sprint, the result of which was a co-designed set of solutions to be prototyped.


Although the Immersive team were new to Design Sprints, working together in this way produced some great sketches and solutions. Together we then turned these into a storyboard which mapped out the key user journey to focus on. This turned out to be a guided step by step introduction to the new platform.


This was followed up by an intensive day of designing the prototype which was then tested with 5 real users to help validate any assumptions we had made.



Using the feedback gathered from the prototype stage, allowed us to make any necessary updates and move on the next stage of the project. 


In collaboration with the team, we then mapped out all of the remaining user journeys and put together a flow map to ensure everything was covered. 


Alll the flows were then wireframed out, ahead of creating a visual language using some of the initial work done during the Design Sprint. This involved taking the team through a number of visual R&D moodboards, and designing and building the component library to hand over to their development team.



At the end of the project, Immersive had a brand new editing platform they could be proud of, which was also well received by all those we tested with.


We also helped them to develop their brand by redesigning the way they presented themselves to the world. We’re really looking forward to seeing how the new platform performs when it’s released later this year. 


The team really went above and beyond. They thought about every detail, going into great depth to not only understand our users but also what our business needs were. This combined with their excellent design work has meant we now have a great product I know our customers will love.

Chris Porter - Tech Director  & Co-owner, Immersive Interactive

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