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Developing a sense of luxury for established innovators


Cloisall is a leading luxury interiors and fit-out contractor, based in the UAE.


With an excellent reputation for innovative work, Cloisall has worked on high profile projects for Dubai International Airport, UAE University, Ferrari World and Dubai Mall Metro Link Bridge to name just a few.




4 months


Desktop & Mobile

Agency | Wolfcub Digital

My Role: Workshop Facilitation,

UX/ UI Design & Research


The Purpose

Despite their impressive portfolio, Cloisall’s online presence was dated and they needed a website that better represented the brand's pioneering work in the industry. 


Alongside this, they would also require a clear set of brand guidelines to roll out across the business.


The Challenges

The world of design thinking and modern digital design was quite new for the Cloisall team, who were not used to such a hands-on approach to web design, so it was incredibly important they didn’t feel alienated during the process.



Before getting stuck into the project, Cloisall took part in a strategy session to establish what their core requirements were, business objectives, competition and target audience.


Using this as a basis, we then moved on to desk research to explore what their competitors were doing, before speaking to some of their target audience and building the foundations of the project. Doing this helped to uncover some great insights and provided the confidence to move forward into design.



Armed with enough research and insights to get started, first up was the job of refreshing the Cloisall brand. Despite not having permission to make any changes to their brand logo, the team were very open to us exploring what direction the rest of the brand could take in terms of its look and feel.


Refreshing the brand included implementing a modern typeface to complement their traditional brand font; giving them a more contemporary palette with a combination of punchy accent colours balanced with a more refined primary palette that represented a sense of elegance and luxury.



Using the newly updated set of visual guidelines, we then started to map out the key user journeys and design the information architecture.


This then progressed to putting together a set of wireframes of the core journeys in order to build an interactive prototype to go out and test with. 


Testing provided all of the feedback required to roll out the rest of the website and start to implement the design phase.



Understandably, Cloisall are incredibly proud of the work they have done for their clients over the years, so it was the website’s job to showcase their achievements to the best of their ability.


In order to do this, a story-driven projects builder was created that allowed Cloisall to share what makes their projects unique in an engaging way.


When it was delivered, the whole team were extremely happy with the outcome, as were their clients. Interest in the organisation grew and we were told as a direct result they saw an increase in their project work.


The team did an excellent job for us, helping to evolve our brand & website. Fantastic creative and technical skills - a pleasure to work with. We would highly recommend them.

Fadi Bouchaaya - Chief Operating Officer at Cloisall LLC

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