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Adur & Worthing

Helping to build a brighter future for A&W repairs


Adur & Worthing Councils are two local government bodies, Adur District Council and Worthing Borough Council, in West Sussex, England.


Both councils operate under a joint management structure and are currently undergoing a large digital transformation programme of their products and services.


Adur & Worthing Council

Project length

1 year


Desktop & Mobile

Agency | Wolfcub Digital

My Role: Workshop Facilitation,

UX/ UI Design & Research


The Purpose

The first step needed to help Adur & Worthing’s digital team transform their digital programme was to prototype a radically new digital repairs service. Their systems were clunky and antiquated and they wanted to offer a more innovative, digital product to residents.


The Challenges

The project involved four unique service areas: self-service, customer service, scheduling and workforce.

With a multitude of stakeholders across each of these departments and services, the biggest challenge was to not only capture all of their needs but also that of their target audience - the 3,000+ who rely on their services in the borough!



The council's digital team had already made a good start with some of the research, so my key role initially was to review what had been done, look for any gaps and help them to complete the rest of the project. This included running workshops with all of the cross-functional teams to better understand the product scope for each service area and what their requirements looked like, a UX and content audit, comparative analysis, data analysis and mapping, user interviews, journey mapping and more.


Throughout this process, aside from sticking to a strict but agile sprint framework, we also conducted regular check-ins with the wider leadership team to review progress and keep things on track and to budget.



Once we had completed enough research to help us confidently push forward, I started to focus on putting together a prototype I could take out into the field and test with.


To do this, I took all of the interviews completed and turned them into a set of clear user personas, identified what those red route journeys looked like, ran a number of co-design sessions with the relevant teams, conducted a MoSCoW workshop and finally wireframed out what those first steps looked like.


We tested the first service area with 5 participants and gathered some great feedback which helped us to validate our findings, pick up any necessary changes and ensure the structure of the application was relevant to their needs.



Using the feedback gathered from the prototype stage, I focused on all of the remaining service areas which needed mapping out to complete our MVP. 


I conducted interviews with some of their internal teams, shadowing them as they worked. Alongside this I also started to map out new user journeys and flow maps, creating a solid information architecture before then creating even more prototypes and test and validate.


Working closely with the tech teams helped to improve the way they used the data in the back-end, creating new decision tree models and mind maps.


I then began focusing on what the visual language would look like, conducting R&D sessions, building a pattern library and helping to source a new image library.



Once that was complete, the digital team had a full component library and solid set of user journeys to continue building from. I then worked with each department to map out a full roadmap for the future.


The outcome was the design of a full suite of products across four different service areas, tailored to the needs of multiple audiences, from home users to the mobile repair workforce, customer service team and scheduling team.


The user experience was seamless across all the various departments, and once implemented in full will revolutionise the way the council develop and run their products and services in the future.


We were very impressed with Dominic, genuine & knowledgeable. He demonstrated innovative workshops & team support with really workable ideas & solutions.

Keziahh Chandler - Senior Programme Officer, Adur & Worthing Councils

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